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    Types of Hearing Aids

There are many options for hearing aids today and it can be confusing for a person to pick and choose among them. A hearing aid is only successful if it is matched to the lifestyle of the patient, not just the hearing loss itself.
Behind the ear (BTE)

Open Fit

In the ear (ITE) / In the canal (ITC)

Invisible in canal (IIC)

Completely in the canal (CIC)

Custom Ear Plugs
Features of hearing aids that help to resolve some of the issues hearing aid users have been complaining about for a long time include “Open fit”, “remote controls”, wind-noise management and an easy favourite, “Bluetooth”. We will help you navigate successfully through all of these features to select the most appropriate hearing aids.

Hearing aids come in various styles, which differ in size and the way they're placed in your ear. With so many styles to choose from, keep in mind that your choice shouldn't be based on looks alone. The style that's right for you should be based on what helps you hear the best.

Bluetooth Support & Handsfree

Bluetooth enabled apps are available to allow hearing aid users to control their hearing aids from the palm of their hand.

This technology has only recently been integrated into hearing aids and at Sensational Hearing, our aim is to make sure that you have all the latest options available to you.

Some of the features of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids include:

Hands-free volume management
Integration with other Bluetooth hands
         free systems (e.g. car)

Wind-noise management and;
Our favourite - Bluetooth Support

Sensational Hearing unique bluetooth enabled iPhone App will allow you to control your hearing aid right from the palm of your hand.

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